Judge Dan Sulman brings with him not only his deep experience in the law but also a sincere commitment to improving the court system and ensuring equal justice for all.  As a husband and father, Judge Sulman understands the challenges faced by the many families who appear before the court in search of justice.  Judge Sulman is firmly dedicated to creating a more progressive, public-friendly, and compassionate court system. 

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Progressive Court Reform

Judge Dan Sulman is committed to an open,  transparent, and non-discriminatory Court system.  He fully supports progressive hiring practices, greater employee diversity, and annual implicit bias training of all court staff and judges.  Judge Sulman will fight for common sense allocation of court resources, personnel, and judges based upon the needs of the public that the court serves.  

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Protection of Women's Reproductive Rights

Judge Dan Sulman understands the role courts play in protecting reproductive rights.  He is one of only a select number of judges specially assigned to preside in confidential matters involving minors seeking to make informed choices concerning their reproductive rights.  

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Domestic Violence

Judge Dan Sulman is specially trained in domestic violence and he has vast experience in protecting victims of domestic abuse.  During the COVID-19 statewide judicial emergency and local court closure, Judge Sulman volunteered and served as an emergency Custody and Protection from Abuse Judge. 

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Judge Dan Sulman understands that litigation can be financially costly and emotionally draining.  Sometimes a mutually agreed-upon resolution allows families to conclude difficult litigation and move forward.  Judge Sulman is an effective mediator with special training in custody coordination as well as divorce and child custody mediation.  He fully supports the implementation of a comprehensive child custody mediation program in Philadelphia and increased measures to reduce the backlog of child custody cases. 

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Organized Labor

As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, Judge Dan Sulman is deeply familiar with issues of importance to members of organized labor and their families.  Judge Sulman is the son of a union family.  While attending professional school, Judge Sulman’s late father worked evenings at the Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling plant while a member of Teamsters Local 830.  His mother is a former Philadelphia public school teacher and a retiree member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.